Committee on Student Matters Membership


​​Unit Na​me ​Coordinator/Chair​
​School of Graduate Studies ​Luc De Nil (Chair)
​Centre for Comparative Literature ​Ann Komaromi
Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources ​Frank Reid
​Graduate Department of Chemistry ​Jennifer Murphy
​Graduate Department of Civil Engineering ​Susan Andrews
​Graduate Department of Dentistry ​Anil Kishen
​Graduate Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ​Helen Rodd
​Graduate Department of English ​Cannon Schmitt
​Graduate Department of French Language and Literature ​Mihaela Pirvulesc​​u​
​Graduate Department of Geography Deborah Leslie
​Graduate Department of Immunology ​Jennifer Gommerman
​Graduate Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations ​Paul-Alain Beaulieu
​Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences ​Robert Macgregor
​Graduate Department of Philosophy ​Gurpreet Rattan
​Graduate Department of Physics ​William Trischuk​
​Graduate Department of Psychology ​Suzanne Erb
​Public Health Sciences ​Charlotte Lombardo
​Graduate Department of Sociology Brent Berry​
​Graduate Department of Social Justice Education ​Njoki Wane
​Graduate Department of Statistical Sciences ​Radu Craiu
​Graduate student, Centre for Medieval Studies Cameron Wachowich
​Graduate student, Social Work ​Lauren McInroy​
​Graduate student, Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering ​Chaim Katz
​Graduate student, Cell & Systems Biology Afif Aqrabawi
​Graduate student, Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Johnny Zhang
​SGS, ex-officio Joshua Barker
​SGS (non-voting) Angelique Plata​
​SGS Student Services, ex-officio (non-voting or designate) Laura Stathopoulos
​SGS Information Systems, ex-officio (non-voting or designate) Josie Lalonde