Session #3: SGS Showcase on Services: Spotlight on Graduate Mentorship and Supervision

Session #3

SGS Showcase on Services: Spotlight on Graduate Mentorship and Supervision (CGMS)

November 16, 2021

Panel Members
Charmaine Williams, Vice-Dean, Students
Josie Lalonde, Director, Student Academic Services
Laura Stathopoulos, Director, Graduate Awards and Financial Aid
Jane Freeman, Director, Graduate Centre for Academic Communications
Jonathan Turner, Manager, Program Completion and Postdoctoral Services
Caroline Rabbat, Director, Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision

Highlights from the Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision (CGMS)

Your situation matters. We’re here. Contact us.

CGMS Vision Statement

To ensure graduate students and supervisors experience a mentorship and supervisory relationship that is characterized by:

  • Respect, inclusion and support of the whole person
  • Continued learning and collaboration by both the supervisor and the graduate student
  • Commitment to advancing academic and professional goals

CGMS Mandate

To support successful mentorship and supervisory relationships.

Our mandate will be achieved by:

  • Working in partnership with graduate students and supervisors towards resolving  their conflict within the mentorship and supervisory relationship
  • Building capacity through skill development workshops for both graduate students and supervisors
  • Identifying and developing resources that are aligned with best practices in graduate mentorship and supervision

Approaches we offer in addressing conflict and concerns


We provide an opportunity to unpack, debrief the situation and begin the process of identifying the unique factors of the case and assist in developing a strategy for a path forward.


We can provide conflict resolution approaches and strategies. We also provide assistance with email responses aimed at de-escalation, documentation, or boundary setting.

System Navigation

We will work with you to determine who might be other appropriate partners and related policies/jurisdictions, assisting in identifying all the potential resources and facilitating the connections/referrals.


We offer facilitated conversations between the graduate student and the supervisor.


Engage in a mediation process with clear and documented outcomes.


Assist individuals address their supervision practice(s) which would allow them to develop approaches which are aligned with best practices.

Highlights from the Panel Discussion

SGS Services: What We Offer

SGS offices offer the following services to support graduate administrators. See a quick summary below and click on the download button to see a full list and description of each service.

SGS Resources for Academic Administrators