Graduate Faculty Membership Web Tool User Guide

​Updated ​February 6, 2013

Online Access to the Graduate Faculty Membership (GFM) Web Tool

1. Use this departmental link to access the GFM web tool.

2. Log in using your Administrative Management Systems (AMS) or your Employee Self-Service (ESS) username and password.

Overview of Memberships (Display Only)

1. Once you log in you will see the Overview page of the GFM Nomination web tool.

2. The Overview page lists all GFM nominations in process or nominations that have been made. It can be sorted by any column, or filtered by date at the bottom of the list.

3. To view any nomination click on its line and this will highlight it in orange. Click Display” at the bottom of the page to open the details of the nomination.

4. The Nomination Details page lists the relevant University appointment for the Faculty member, plus the current and previous GFM details.

5. To exit the Nomination Details page click on Return to Overview at the bottom of the page.

Request a New Membership & Renewing Membership

1. Click on Create” at the bottom of the screen.

2. Enter the Personnel number and/or name of the Faculty member for whom you wish to create a membership. Note: Personnel number is the better search function as it returns more accurate results.

3. Click on “Search Personnel List.”

4.   If at any point you need to return to the search page click on “Return to Nominee Search.”

5. Ensure the Faculty member’s name is highlighted in orange.

6. Click on “Create Nomination.”

7. A page showing the details of the Faculty member appears, including University appointment and current and previous graduate faculty memberships.

8. In the Graduate Faculty Nomination Details box enter the details of the requested membership i.e. start date, end date, unit, level and type. All fields marked with a red star are mandatory.

9. For information on the different types of memberships, refer to the eligibility guidelines.

10. The U of T appointment end date is noted in the top box on the page. The GFM end date cannot exceed the appointment end date for appointed staff.

11. The Programs section is only applicable to the Mangement of Innovation UTM appointments.

12. Once all the required information is entered, click on “Submit to SGS.”

13. The tool will alert you if any information entered is missing or incorrect. An error message will appear at the top of the screen.

14. When clicking on “Submit to SGS the form reminds you that you are doing so under the direction of your Graduate Chair.

15. The request is now with SGS for approval. On the Overview page the GFM status of the faculty member will now say “Submitted to SGS.”

16. If you wish to save the information and return to it at a later stage before submitting to SGS for approval click on Save w/o Submitting.

17. A new window appears confirming you wish to save without submitting to SGS. Click “Yes.”

18. You are automatically returned to the Overview page. The GFM status of the Faculty member will now say Saved, not submitted to SGS.

19. To update the nomination details for that Faculty member ensure the name is highlighted in orange on the list and click on Update.

20. Enter the remaining details and click on “Submit to SGS.”

21. Once finished, all entries be sure to log off by hitting Logoffat the bottom of the screen.

SGS Approval

1. The Vice-Deans’ office at SGS will review and check all GFM requests and they will then be submitted to the Vice-Dean, Programs for approval.

2. Once the request is approved by the Vice-Dean, an email notification will be sent to the nominator, and Chair of the graduate unit advising of the SGS approval.

3. Once this notification of approval is received, the unit can send the letter outlining the terms of the GFM to the faculty member for signature.

SGS Returns Request to Unit for Correction

1. If there are any issues with the request or if SGS has any questions the GFM will be returned to the graduate unit for review.

2. SGS can advise of the reason for declining the request via email/phone. See contact details below.

3. On the Overview page the status of the Faculty member in question will now say “Saved, notsubmitted to SGS.”

4. To view ensure the name is highlighted in orange and hit Display.

5. To review and make corrections, ensure the name is highlighted in orange and hit Update. Follow the necessary steps outlined above.

6. Once all the required information is corrected, click on “Submit to SGS.”

7. The request is again with SGS for approval. On the Overview page the GFM status will now say “Submitted to SGS.”


If you have any queries over the GFM web tool, please contact the SGS Vice-Deans’ office:

Angelique Plata
Executive Assistant to the Vice-Deans

Kelly Crawford
Assistant to the Vice-Deans