Past Recipients: JJ Berry Doctoral Supervision Award

RecipientYear Awarded
Prof. Jon Abbatt, Department of Chemistry2023
Prof. Brenda Cossman, Faculty of Law2023
Prof. Scott Prudham, Department of Geography & Planning2022
Dr. Marla Sokolowski, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology2022
Dr. Marie-Josée Fortin, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology2021
Dr. Grace Skogstad, Department of Political Science2021
Dr. Douglas McDougall, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning2020
Dr. Ted Sargent, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering2020
Dr. Tania Watts, Department of Immunology2019
Dr. Arthur Ripstein, Department of Philosophy2019
Dr. Susan Pfeiffer, Department of Anthropology 2018
Dr. Ori Rotstein, Institute of Medical Science 2018
Dr. Mark Lautens, Department of Chemistry 2017
Dr. Judith WienerDepartment of Applied Psychology & Human Development (OISE) 2017
Dr. Chun Wei Choo, Faculty of Information2016
Dr. David Zingg, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies 2016
Dr. Morris Moscovitch, Department of Psychology, Collaborative Program in Neuroscience2015
Dr. Michael J. Trebilcock, Faculty of Law 2015
Dr. Eleftherios Diamandis, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology 2014
Dr. Clare Kosnik, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (OISE) 2014
Dr. Brenda J. Andrews, Department of Molecular Genetics 2013
Dr. Clifford Orwin, Department of Political Science 2013
Past Recipients of the JJ Berry Doctoral Supervision Award