Download a Faculty Listing

Throughout the year, business officers may find it useful to generate a report listing graduate faculty for their org unit or graduate unit. From time to time, chairs, graduate coordinators, and graduate administrators may also need to access this information.

Administrative Management Systems (AMS) has now made it possible for your unit to download a report on demand. For a current report, choose today’s date or the relevant date of choice. To capture all appointments that will appear in the most recent SGS Calendar, be sure to run the report effective through to June 30 of the current year.

Follow the path:

Human Resources > Information System > Personnel Management > Administration > Departmental Level Administration > SGS.

Then choose one of the two types of reports to run:

1. Grad Appointments by Grad Unit Report (the graduate unit report shows all faculty holding a graduate appointment in that unit).

2. Grad Appointments by Org Unit Report (the org unit report shows all faculty in that University appointing unit).