Glossary of Degrees & Honorifics

Are you updating degree and honorifics data in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS)? If so, please use the abbreviations shown in the lists below.​

In this way, the data entered into the HRIS will appear in a consistent manner in the
SGS Graduate Calendar. We appreciate your help with this.

Business officers with access to the HRIS enter:

  • degrees on the Infotype 9022 screen and
  • honorifics on the Infotype 9033 screen.


The following list displays abbreviations of the degrees and diplomas offered at U of T, or held by graduate faculty members.

​AA ​Associate of Arts​
​​AB Bachelor of Arts​
​AM ​Master of Arts
​ATD ​Art Teaching Diploma
​​​BA Bachelor of Arts
​BAA ​Bachelor of Applied Arts
BAcc​ Bachelor of Accounting​
​​BAgrSc Bachelor of Agriculture Science​
​BAMus ​Bachelor of Arts in Music
​BAO ​Bachelor of Obstetrics​
​BAR ​Bachelor of Arts in Religion
​BArch Bachelor of Architecture
BASc Bachelor of Applied Science
​BBA ​Bachelor of Business Administration
​BBM ​Bachelor of Business Management
BCh Bachelor of Surgery
​​BChe ​Bachelor of Chemistry​
​BChir ​Bachelor of Surgery
​BCL ​Bachelor of Civil Law
BCom Bachelor of Commerce
BComm Bachelor of Commerce
​BCS ​Bachelor of Computer Science
​BD ​Bachelor of Divinity
​BDS ​Bachelor of Dental Surgery
​BDSc ​Bachelor of Dental Science
​BE ​Bachelor of Engineering
​BEc ​Bachelor of Economics
BEd Bachelor of Education
BEng Bachelor of Engineering
​BES ​Bachelor of Environmental Studies
​BFA ​Bachelor of Fine Arts
​BHA ​Bachelor of Health Administration; Bachelor of Healthcare Administration; Bachelor of Humanities and Arts
​BHScPT ​Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy
​BIS ​Bachelor of Independent Studies; Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
BLitt Bachelor of Letters
​BLA ​Bachelor of Landscape Architecture; Bachelor of Liberal Arts
​BLS ​Bachelor of Liberal Studies; Bachelor of Library Science
​BM ​Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Music
BMath Bachelor of Mathematics
​BME ​Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering;
Bachelor of Music Education
BMedSc Bachelor of Medical Science
​​​BMLS Bachelor of Medical Library Science​
​​BMR(PT) Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation​ in Physical Therapy​
BMus Bachelor of Music
​BN ​Bachelor of Nursing
BNSc Bachelor of Nursing Science
​BOTh ​Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
​BPHE ​Bachelor of Physical Health and Education
​BPhil ​Bachelor of Philosophy
BPhm Bachelor of Pharmacy
BPT Bachelor of Physiotherapy
​BS ​Bachelor of Science
​BSA ​Bachelor of Science and Arts; Bachelor of Science in Accounting
BSc Bachelor of Science
​BSc(CD) ​Bachelor of Science in Community Development
​BSCCE ​Bachelor of Science in Computer and Communications Engineering
​BScD ​Bachelor of Science in Dentistry
​BScF ​Bachelor of Science in Forestry
​BSChE ​Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
BScEE Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
​BScMed ​Bachelor of Science in Medicine
​BScN ​Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSc(OT) Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
​BScPhm ​Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
BSc(PT) Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
​BSE ​Bachelor of Science in Engineering
​BSEd ​Bachelor of Science in Education
​BSF ​Bachelor of Science in Forestry
​BSN ​Bachelor of Science in Nursing
​BSP ​Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
​BSW ​Bachelor of Social Work
BTech Bachelor of Technology
BTh Bachelor of Theology
ChB Bachelor of Surgery
​CPsych Certified Psychologist​
​DA ​Doctor of Arts
​DBA ​Doctor of Business Administration
DChem Doctor of Chemistry
​DCl ​Doctor of Civil Law
​DDeL’UN ​doctorat d’université (University Doctorate)
​DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery​
​DDSc Doctor of Dental Science
​DE ​Doctor of Engineering
DèsL doctorat ès lettres (Doctor of Letters)
​DFA ​Doctor of Fine Arts
​DGO Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics
​DHA ​Doctor of Health Administration
​DIC ​Diploma of the Imperial College
DIFA Diploma in Investigative and Forensic Accounting
​DIH  ​Diploma in Industrial Health
DipCH Graduate Diploma in Community Health
DipChem Diploma in Chemistry
DipCrim​ ​Diploma in Criminology
DipdESup Diplôme des Études Supérieures
DipEd Diploma of Education
​DipFor Diploma in Forestry
​DipIng ​Diploma of Engineer
DipIngArch Master of Architecture
​DiplGeol ​Diploma in Geology
​DipLib ​Diploma in Librarianship
DipNP Post-Master’s Nurse Practitioner Diploma
​DipOrH ​Diploma in Oral Health
DipOT Diploma in Occupational Therapy
​DipP ​Diploma in Physiotherapy
​DipPE ​Diploma in Physical Education
DipPerio Diploma in Periodontics
​DipPhysEd ​Diploma of Physical Education
DipSportMed Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine
DLitt Doctor of Letters
DMA Doctor of Musical Arts
​DMD ​Doctor of Medical Dentistry
​DP ​Doctor of Paediatrics
​DPH ​Doctor of Public Health
DPhil Doctor of Philosophy
DPHN​ ​​Diploma in Public Health Nursing
​DPM ​Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
DPsych Doctor of Psychology
​DrEng ​Doctor of Engineering
DrMed Doctor of Medicine
DrMedDent Doctorate in Dental Medicine
​DrMedSc ​Doctor of Medical Sciences
DrMedVet Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine
DrRerNat Doctorate in Natural Sciences
DrRerPol Doctor of Economics and Social Sciences
DSc Doctor of Science
DSSA Diploma in Social Service Administration
​DSW ​Doctor of Social Work
DTh Doctor of Theology
​DVM ​Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
EdD Doctor of Education
GPLLM Global Professional Master of Laws
GDipNPAC Graduate Diploma in Anaesthesia Care
GDipISt Graduate Diploma of Advanced Study in Information
JD Juris Doctor
LicScChem License in Chemical Physics
​LèsL ​licence ès lettres (Bachelor of Arts)
LittD Doctor of Letters
​LLB ​Bachelor of Laws
​LLD ​Doctor of Laws
LLM Master of Laws
​LTh ​License in Theology
MA Master of Arts
​MAcct ​Master of Accounting
MArch Master of Architecture
MASc Master of Applied Science
​MAT ​Master of Arts in Teaching
​MB ​Bachelor of Medicine
MBChB Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
MBiotech Master of Biotechnology
MBA Master of Business Administration
​MBBS ​Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery
​MC ​Master of Counselling
​MChem ​Master of Chemistry
MClSc Master of Clinical Science
​MCS ​Master of Computer Sciences
MD Doctor of Medicine
​MDCM ​Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery
MDiv Master of Divinity
​MDS Master of Dental Surgery​
​ME ​Master of Engineering
​MEc ​Master of Economics
MEd Master of Education
​MedScD ​Doctor of Medical Science
MEng Master of Engineering
MEngCEM Master of Engineering in Cities Engineering and Management
MEngDM Master of Engineering in Design and Manufacturing
MEngTel Master of Engineering in Telecommunications
MEnvSc Master of Environmental Science
​MESci ​Master of Earth Science
MF Master of Finance
​MFA ​Master of Fine Arts
MFC Master of Forest Conservation
​MFE ​Master of Financial Economics
​MFS ​Master of Forest Science
MGA Master of Global Affairs
MHI Master of Health Informatics
​MHK Master of Human Kinetics​
​MHPE ​Master of Health Professions Education
​MHSA ​Master of Health Services Administration
MHSc Master of Health Science
​MIA ​Master of International Affairs
​MI ​Master of Information
​MIR ​Master of Industrial Relations
MIRHR Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources
MISt Master of Information Studies
MLA Master of Landscape Architecture
​MLIS ​Master of Library and Information Science
​MLS ​Master of Library Science
​MLSc ​Master of Library Science​​
​MM ​Master of Music
​MM ​Master of Management
​MMath ​Master of Mathematics
MMed Master of Medicine
MMPA Master of Management and Professional Accounting
MMI Master of Management of Innovation
MMF Master of Mathematical Finance
MMSt Master of Museum Studies
MMus Master of Music
MN Master of Nursing
​MPA ​Master of Public Administration
​MPA ​Master of Professional Accountancy
​MPE ​Master of Physical Education
MPH Master of Public Health
MPharm Master of Pharmacy
MPhil Master of Philosophy
MPP Master of Public Policy
​MPsy ​Master of Psychology
MPsych Master of Psychology
​MRes ​Master of Research​
​​MRP ​ Master of Regional Planning
​MS ​Master of Science
​MSA ​Master of Science in Administration
MSc Master of Science
MScAC Master of Applied Computing
MScBMC Master of Science in Biomedical Communications
MScCH Master of Science in Community Health
MScD Master of Science in Dentistry
MScEE Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
MScF Master of Science in Forestry
MScOT Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
MScPhm Master of Science in Pharmacy
MScPl Master of Science in Planning
​MScPT ​Master of Science in Physical Therapy
​MSc(PT) ​Master of Science (Physical Therapy)
MScSM Master of Science in Sustainability Management
​MSc(T) ​Master of Science in Teaching
​MSD ​Master of Science in Dentistry
​MSEE ​Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
​MSN ​Master of Science in Nursing
​MSS ​Master of Social Service
MSW Master of Social Work
MSL Master of Studies in Law
MT Master of Teaching
MTech Master of Technology
MTh Master of Theology
MUD Master of Urban Design
MUDS Master of Urban Design Studies
​MusB ​Bachelor of Music
MusBac Bachelor of Music
MusD Doctor of Music
MusDoc Doctor of Music
MusM Master of Music
MVS Master of Visual Studies
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
​PHM Master of Philosophy​
​SB ​Bachelor of Science
ScD Doctor of Science
SJD Doctor of Juridical Science
​SM ​Master of Science
​STB ​Bachelor of Sacred Theology
​STM ​Master of Sacred Theology
ThD Doctor of Theology
ThM Master of Theology


Honorifics are:

  • professional designations (such as PEng), or
  • royal society memberships (such as FRSC), or
  • chairships (such as Canada Research Chairs).​

The following list displays the abbreviations of honorifics (designations) held by graduate faculty members.

Notation Honorific
​AAAS ​Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science​
ARCS Associate of the Royal College of Science
ARCT Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto
Associate in Commerce Associate in Commerce
CA Chartered Accountant
​CAP ​Certificat d’Aptitude Pédagogique (Certificate of Aptitude for Teaching)
CC Companion of the Order of Canada
CEng Chartered Engineer
​ChPA ​Chevalier des Palmes Académiques
​CGA ​Certified General Accountant
​CM ​Member of the Order of Canada
CMA Certified Management Accountant​
​CPA ​Chartered Professional Accountant
CPSO College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
CPsych College of Psychologists of Ontario
​CRC ​Canada Research Chair​
Diamond Jubilee MedaI Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
​​DUP ​​professeur d’université émérite (Distinguished University Professor)
​FAAAS ​Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
FCASI Fellow of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute
FCIC Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada
Fellow NATO Fellow of the North Atlantic Treaty Orgaization
FRAS Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
FRCD Fellow of the Royal College of Dentistry
FRCDC Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada
FRCSC Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
FRHistS Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
FRS Fellow of the Royal Society of London
FRSC Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
FRSC Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (formerly Royal Institute of Chemistry)
FRSL Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature
LMCC Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada
LRCP Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians
​MCP ​Microsoft Certified Professional
OC Officer of the Order of Canada
​OOnt ​Order of Ontario
​OT Reg (Ont) ​Registered Occupational Therapist
​PEng ​Professional Engineer
​RN ​Registered Nurse
​University Professor ​University Professor