Glossary of Terms

Appointment: University of Toronto appointment.

Home Unit: location of University of Toronto appointment.

Primary Graduate Faculty Membership: an individual faculty member’s first graduate faculty membership, usually in the graduate unit affiliated most closely with the “home unit.”

Secondary (also “Cross-“) Graduate Faculty Membership: graduate faculty membership(s) additional to an individual’s primary graduate membership.

Status-Only Appointments: University of Toronto appointment offered to faculty members primarily employed by other institutions, non-budgetary.

Adjunct Professor / Lecturer: University of Toronto appointment offered to qualified individuals not primarily employed as academics.

Emeritus Member of Graduate Faculty: category of graduate faculty membership limited to those faculty members who served as full members of graduate faculty prior to retirement.

Sessional Lecturer (CUPE Unit 3): includes “all persons in the employ of The Governing Council of the University of Toronto engaged in teaching, demonstrating, tutoring or marking/grading” employed on a contract of less than a year. This category includes sessional lecturers, sessional instructional assistants, and writing instructors.

Stipendary Instructor: licensed professionals in the Faculties of Architecture, Engineering, and Law or clinical lecturers in the Faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and Pharmacy who are excluded from CUPE 3902 (Unit 3) and employed on a contract of less than a year.

Clinical Faculty: as defined under the Policy for Clinical Faculty and only within the Faculty of Medicine.

Definitions of U of T appointments are listed in the Academic Administrative Procedures Manual.