Adding Media

Adding PDFs and PowerPoint Presentations

To add a PDF or PowerPoint presentation to the SGS website, open two tabs: one with the page you are updating, and one with the “Add media” field open. This will make it easy to copy and paste the link into the page you wish to update.

To add a PDF document or PowerPoint to the website, log into the website (click here to learn to access the SGS website) and select +New>Media either from the top of the page or from the media section of the dashboard (see both options below).

Next, you can either drag and drop your file, or click “Select File” to select from your computer. If you wish to protect your file, you can either tick the box next to “Prevent Direct Access Gold” before uploading your file, or you can select it once the file is uploaded (view this option in the “Copy File URL” screenshot below). Click on “Edit” to edit media.

Now copy the File URL. Note: If the file is protected and you are linking directly to a PDF or media file, you may wish to link to the permalink URL (under the document title) and indicate next to the link that UTORid login is required. This will prompt the person to log into the SGS website before they download the file and improve the user experience, so the user does not think the link is broken.

In the second window, visit the page you wish to update and select “Edit page” from the top bar.

If you are using Oasis Workflow (i.e. if you can’t see “Update” at the top right of your page), click on the small “W” in the top right corner and click “Make a revision” before you start making changes to any text.

Next, highlight the text you wish to hyperlink to your media. For accessibility, always write the type of file in square brackets next to the media item. This will let the user know that the file will be downloaded to their computer. Click on the link icon and paste the URL you copied above. Click on the arrow to the right of the URL and the text will be hyperlinked to your media file. Ensure that only the text is hyperlinked, not the space before or after the words. For more information about hyperlinking text, visit the SGS website basic updates training module.

Publish the page by clicking “Update” or if you are using Oasis Workflow, hit “Submit for review” / “Submit to workflow”. Once the page is published, always doublecheck the page to be sure the hyperlink is working correctly. Need help troubleshooting? Contact SGS Communications.

A note about accessibility

To comply with AODA standards, all Ontario public sector websites—including uploaded media—must be accessible by January 1, 2021. Learn to make accessible documents and visit the U of T’s accessibility resources page for more information.

Want to check if your ? Follow these steps.

Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Click on Tools and scroll down to “Accessibility”

Click on “Full Check”.

View your Accessibility Checker report and make necessary changes.

Questions about accessibility? Contact the U of T’s accessibility office or join their MS Teams community for office hours and workshops.

Adding Photos and Graphic Images

Coming soon!

So what even is alt text? Isn’t it enough to just title my image appropriately?

For website users who use assisted technologies, alt text is what the technology reads out loud to them. Ensuring each image on our website has appropriate alt text is essential to making our websites accessible and also assists with SEO (search engine optimization). To add alt text, click on the image you have added to the media section of the dashboard, or dragged and dropped into the page, and type in a short description of the image.

Adding Videos

Coming soon!